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Flap discs TEY Line in polycotton cloth

High performance flap disc in polycotton cloth

Flap discs “TEY line” made with a premium zirconium/polycotton cloth.
A complete range of discs both for pro. and / or std. applications with a high rate of stock removal at medium pressure on the work piece.
All discs are at ‘single flap’ construction.


Flap discs Plus Line 5

Universal disc double flap with nylon backing

Disc with double flap for general purpose.
Excellent performance and high quality surface finishing.
It is the disc to test as first choice.


Flap discs Plus Line 8/9

Universal disc single flap with fiberglass backing

Disc with single flap for general purpose.
The main feature is the special Fiberglass backing that allows a complete wear of the disc without any damage to the work piece at the best performance.