Flap discs and wheels
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Professional line of abrasive tools, flap discs and wheels


Professional flap discs Turbo Line

Professional abrasive tool with reinforced nylon shaped backing and with threaded hole m14

“TURBO” disc is a professional abrasive tool with exclusive technical features:
-Reinforced nylon backing with carved turbine profile to force air circulation on working area reducing the overheating.
-M14 threaded hole for a fast and precise setting.
-Backing with several splits for an easy reducing of diameter to obtain a more utilization of abrasive flaps.
-A complete abrasives’ range in zirconium and zirconium/ceramic with large flaps.


Flap discs turbo line with convex flaps

Professional abrasive tool with convex flaps

Thanks this particular shape of flaps, it is easier to work. End user is able to reduce inclination angle grinder.
This way of operating helps to completely consume the tool.
The flap disc turbo with convex flaps is produced in Zirconium plus and Zirconium standard with single flaps, and also in double flaps with the first flap in ceramic and the second one in Zirconium.


Flap discs “FEROX Line”

Professional abrasive tool with “supersize” flaps

This kind of cloth and long double flaps allow to work on soft materials without clogging. This new abrasive flap disc is the best for grinding Steel and Stainless steel even compared to the most important brands present on the market.


Professional flap discs Univers Line

Professional abrasive tool made with a new generation of abrasive grain

Flap discs “line univers” allows to grind any kind of surface both ferrous metal and non ferrous metal (stainless steel, standard steel, aluminium, plastic and wood).
This new generation of ceramic grain allows a complete wear of the tool without obstructing on materials as aluminium and wood. univers flap disc has a bigger stock removal and longer life than standard discs.


Professional flap discs Corner Line

Professional abrasive tool, for grinding the edges

The line Corner has been created to grind the edges.
To better improve the resistance of the border the abrasive flaps have been curved and glued on the outside diameter of the Fiberglass backing.
This process greatly increases the life of the product in comparison with the traditional discs.
Available only in diam.125 ,CERAMIC and ZIRCONIUM on Polycotton cloth.


High performance flap discs HP professional Line

Professional abrasive tool with reinforced backing, for heavy stock removal

The HP disc is a professional abrasive tool designed to obtain a bigger stock removal. The strong and flexible backing allows a higher pushing action and then a faster stock removal. The abrasive flaps are positioned only in the external area of the backing where the max pressure is exerted. If the HP disc works correctly (with an angle of 15°) it may last 100% more than a standard flap disc. That because the flaps work up to the full worn out. Main features: faster cutting action and longer life.


Professional flap discs Line 6

Professional abrasive tool with reinforced nylon backing with large flaps

Reinforced disc with large flaps for heavy duties.
lt is recommended for professional users. The product made with ceramic abrasive, combines a considerable stock removal rate with a longer life and a good versatility on both standard and stainless steels


Professional flap discs Line 1

Professional abrasive tool with reinforced nylon backing (without central reinforcement) with large flap

Reinforced flat disc with large double flaps for heavy duties. Line 1 differs from line 6 only for the shape of the nylon backing.


Cup flap discs Softool

Disc with fiberglass backing, cup shape

This product is particularly indicated for grinding:
Shaped work pieces, corners and edges.
It has a cold cutting action and does not overheat the work piece. The “softool “is less aggressive than the
traditional disc but with the same grit size we have a better finishing. It works very well on steel sheets of small thickness. Applications: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys, aluminium, plastic, welding, paints.


Flap discs with aluminium backing

Professional abrasive tool with aluminium backing

Flap disc with aluminium backing to avoid any kind of vibration.Product with a premium zirconium in Polycotton cloth (Line TEY) and with a new generation of ceramic grain (Line UNIVERS).


Professional flap discs “ceramic Line 3″

Flap disc "standard line 3" made with polyester ceramic cloth

Flap disc indicated for working inox. The abrasive cloth hod a supersize coating. It has the feature to reduce burns and heating on work piece. Heavy duty works.