Non-woven nylon fibre Polifibra discs with mandrel

Abrasive tool made non-woven with nylon fibres impregnated with abrasive grits

The main applications of Polifibra are: Rust removal, cleaning of worn surface, weld seams,moulds. As well paint removal on metals or wood, surface to clean before and after welding. Its main features are a great flexibility and elasticity in operation. Thanks to these properties you can get an exceptional cleaning performance without damaging, burning or modifying the original shape of work piece. The flat discs-code PFCR-dia.100 and 150 mm. have to be used with the steel mandrel CH12 on electric or air tools. The discs-code PFCD are stuck on a Fiberglass backing and have to be used on angle grinders tools.

Item Size mm Thickness Abrasive Backing Recommended speed Max working Speed
PFCR 100 100x10 13 Sic Extra coarse with mandrel 4000 5700 10 + 1 mandrel
PFCR 150 150x10 13 Sic Extra coarse with mandrel 2800 3800 10 + 1 mandrel
Item Description
CH12 Mandrels for flat discs Ø 100/150 10