Professional flap discs Corner Line

Professional abrasive tool, for grinding the edges

The line Corner has been created to grind the edges.
To better improve the resistance of the border the abrasive flaps have been curved and glued on the outside diameter of the Fiberglass backing.
This process greatly increases the life of the product in comparison with the traditional discs.
Available only in diam.125 ,CERAMIC and ZIRCONIUM on Polycotton cloth.

Item Size mm Abrasive Backing Shape Grits Max RPM
CORNER V6 125 Z PLUS Fiberglass Flat 40-60-80 12.200 20
CORNER 86 125 Ceramic Fiberglass Flat 40-60-80 12.200 20
Standard: Standard product made with with single flap with Fiberglass backing.